Call for abstracts

Closing Friday 30 April

The call for abstracts is now open for the Conference for General Practice 2021, hosted by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Building for the future – transforming the health sector

Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua

From adversity comes opportunity to make change

Covid-19 pushed health systems across the world to their limits. New Zealand’s unique and privileged position cannot be taken for granted. We may not have experienced the full force of the virus, but its ever-present threat raises questions about our ability to respond and the future needs of our health system. It is perhaps fortuitus that the long-awaited Health and Disability Review report was released during 2020. The value of primary health care providers at the frontline of our defence has been noted. Building a stronger, sustainable, more equitable health system must now be the priority.

Conference sub themes

  • Achieving equitable health outcomes for all
  • Benefits and potential harms of advances in technology
  • Clinical research that informs daily practice
  • Innovation in health care delivery
  • Opportunities and threats facing rural health
  • Sustainability in all its forms
  • Compassion, continuity of care and other core values of primary care
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement

How to submit your abstract

We welcome abstracts for short* (approx. 20 minutes) oral presentations and for electronic posters. We also welcome suggestions/proposals for workshops recognising that there will be limited numbers of these possible due to space and time constraints.

*The exact length of oral presentations will be made clear to you at the time of acceptance and will depend upon the number of accepted oral presentations. Detailed instructions on how electronic posters should be presented will also be provided at the time of abstract acceptance.

Please note ALL abstracts must be submitted electronically. When composing your abstract, carefully follow the guidelines and layout below. Note that you should indicate your preferred presentation format and with which of the conference sub-themes listed above you think your abstract best aligns.

Abstracts for all three formats (oral, electronic poster and workshop proposal) must be clearly written in English and be no more than 300 words (excluding the title and authors). Details of the typeface and formatting are set out below. Please follow these carefully:

Oral and electronic poster presentation abstracts should be set up under the following subheadings:

  • Title (maximum 30 words)
  • Font Arial or equivalent, 12 point, single spacing
  • Author(s) FAMILY/SURNAMES should be in capitals, no qualifications or titles. Note the presenting author(s) should be bold and underlined
  • Affiliations & City/Town
  • Which conference sub-theme(s) best suits your abstract
  • Aims (what did you set out to achieve/explore)
  • Methods (where appropriate describe the type of study and its design)
  • Results (what did you find)
  • Conclusion (what are the implications of your findings)

Workshop abstracts should include the following:

  • Title (maximum 30 words)
  • Font Arial or equivalent, 12 point, single spacing
  • Author(s) FAMILY/SURNAMES should be in capitals, no qualifications or titles. Note the presenting author(s) should be bolded and underlined
  • Affiliations, City/Town
  • Which conference sub-theme(s) best suits your abstract
  • Who are the target audience for your workshop
  • What is the purpose and content of the workshop
  • Which delivery method(s) e.g. interactive, didactic, role plays, small group discussion etc
  • What you hope participants will take away from the workshop
  • The ideal and also the minimum time (in minutes) needed to run the workshop

Key dates

  • Closing date for submission of abstracts | Friday 30 April
  • Notification of acceptance | From Monday 7 June

Terms and conditions

The decision to accept an abstract is at the discretion of the Conference Programme Committee. A condition of acceptance is that all presenting authors must register for the conference. Presenters are responsible for their own registration, travel and accommodation expenses.

Have a question?

If you do not wish to submit an abstract yourself, but there is something you would like to hear about or see at the conference, please let us know. For further information please contact:

Rachel Cook | Project Manager
Conference Innovators
DDI: +64 3 595 6976